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Shuguang Zhang, Head

"If you ask big questions, you get big answers." --Francis Crick

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We Are All Chinese Scientists

We Are All Chinese Scientists

‘Psychological fear’: MIT scientists of Chinese origin protest toxic US climate

Researchers describe how a government crackdown on foreign influence is affecting them following a statement of support from their university.

Nature News, July 2, 2019


China Science Communication interview (in Chinese)

Shanghai, November 7, 2018

The Excitement of Discovery: Selected Papers of Alexander Rich. A Tribute to Alexander Rich. [link] | January 2019. Pages: 624. Edited By: Shuguang Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)


Curiosity-driven research: Fractals and QTY Code; a talk for high school students given at the 2018 Molecular Frontiers Symposium held on November 16-17, 2018 at the MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Scientists alter membrane proteins to make them easier to study.  (Centre for Structural Systems Biology, 8/29/2018)  [link]

Following a code for swapping amino acids makes membrane proteins water soluble.  (Chemical & Engineering News, 8/29/2018)  [link] [local pdf]

Scientists alter membrane proteins to make them easier to study  (ScienceDaily, 8/28/2018)  [link] [local pdf]   (MIT News, 8/27/2018) [link] [local pdf]

Research Highlights, 1967-2016.  (MIT Office of the Provost, Institutional Research)
[link] [local pdf]

Growing a business from the lab (MIT News, 02/03/2014)
[publisher link] [local pdf]

Chinese investors tap US Biotechs (Nature Biotechnology Interview, 02/2013)
[local pdf]

Harnessing nature’s solar cells (MIT News, 2/3/2012) [local pdf]

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